Transport Security Inc. announced an addition to their High Security Lock Product Line for trucking professionals to secure their trucks and trailers from cargo theft. The Enforcer Security Kit provides trucking professionals with the security tools that are needed to secure their trucks and trailers.

The Kit includes the Enforcer Air Cuff/Lock, King Pin Lock #1111 and an Abloy Padlock in a convenient plastic carrying case that can be easily stored in the driver’s cab.


  • Air Cuff Lock #3000/3030 - Prevents truck and trailer brakes from being released while a truck is parked, made of high impact resistant polycarbonate material and secured with an Abloy Lock Cylinder
  • King Pin Lock #1111 - Prevents unauthorized trailer hook-ups when trailer is disconnected from truck, made from cast iron, this lock provides a formidable barrier to physical attack
  • Abloy Padlock - Secures trailer swing doors with high impact resistant boron shackle/body providing a barrier to prevent trailer break-ins

The Security Kits can be keyed alike into a master system, allowing fleets to maximize their security.