Miller Electric Mfg. Co. says its EnPak diesel power pack now produces 50% more compressed air – 60 cubic feet per minute compared to the previous 40 cfm – to run 1-inch and larger impact wrenches and other pneumatic tools and pumps. 

As before, EnPak also includes a 20-gallon-per-minute Eaton hydraulic pump, 6,000-watt generator and 2,400-watt EnVerter. They are turned by a 24.8-hp Kubota diesel that complies with EPA Tier IV Final exhaust limits. 

Technical advancements to the load management system along with increased component efficiencies allow the higher air output, and eliminate lag time common with reservoir systems that only engage the compressor after pressure drops to a minimum. 

The load management system saves fuel by delivering only the amount of power required for all loads, and the generator, compressor and hydraulics can be operated simultaneously. So, for example, one mechanic can weld while another grinds or uses an impact wrench without any lag in power. 

The EnVerter power system delivers 2,400 watts of continuous 120-volt, 60-herz, pure-sine-wave power. This allows workers to operate many jobsite tools at lower engine speeds, reducing noise levels while saving fuel. 

Fuel savings come from an automatic start/stop function, which shuts off the engine when no loads are detected and automatically restarts it when work needs to be done. 

The diesel engine uses up to 30% less fuel than a work truck’s engine, and costs much less to maintain. Field testing reveals up to 79% in maintenance cost savings at idle compared to a conventional PTO-equipped truck. 

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