Users will see improvements in three main areas with Fleet 11 from Telogis.

In addition to a new user interface and being mobile enabled, the newest version of the company’s fleet management software features improvements in connected locations intelligence, driver behavior and actionable analytics, according to Mark Wallin, vice president product manager.

Location intelligence involves “putting the right people in touch, connecting teams, customers and partners,” Wallin said.

Telogis customers can share their location intelligence with each other, including third party sub-contractors so they can know when trucks arrive or depart customer locations. Users “can literally look at a map and see all the vehicles connected with their work – all on one map.”

A second feature involves doing more with OEM engine data and services, or “connecting tighter with the vehicle and bringing more data to our platform.”

The new version also includes customized driver scorecards and an update to Telogis Mobile Supervisor to help drive improvements in mpg and compliance. “The big thing here is that customers have the ability to customize a weighted score to normalize driver performance across the entire fleet,” Wallin said. Companies can pick the metrics they find most important.

There will be greater connectivity out to the company’s mobile applications, such as Telogis Coach, which runs on the iOS or Android platforms.

An updated KPI scorecard provides customers with analytical data they can then take action on, Wallin said. Each operational level within a company can see the metrics that pertain to their part of the operation. Pre-built dashboards combine data within groups for graph and trend purposes.

The new version also allows customers to create custom compound alerts – for instance an alert that records speeding when the windshield wipers are on, which might indicate unsafe driving. Another alert may notify managers if an electronic form that should be submitted from a job site is sent in from another location.

All of these changes “help provide better insight,” Wallin said.

Fleet 11 will be introduced Jan. 28 and will be rolled out to customers over the next few weeks.