Electronic Funds Source LLC launched its new real-time interactive interface with the TMWSuite transportation management software solution from TMW Systems. This announcement joins other recently announced EFS interface developments with TMW Systems.

EFS customers using TMWSuite now have access to real-time integration through the new interactive interface, eliminating the need for carriers to work in both EFS and TMW applications independently. The interface offers a centralized and more efficient approach to managing their payments and their fleet.

Specific features include real-time card and policy management for greater efficiency and visibility when managing cardholders and their fuel and cash purchases. Security, accuracy and flexibility are also enhanced through real-time transactions, product purchasing limits, card level limits and location blocking, as well as product and location limits and overrides.

Carriers can issue cash advances and EFS MoneyCodesSM within TMWSuite and now have the ability to control most aspects of their EFS card management, maintenance and reporting from their TMW software.

Carriers’ real-time dispatch data and information are also integrated directly into the EFS system for additional efficiencies and controls, along with enhanced security measures such as fraud prevention and monitoring.