Schneider National Inc. is now offering its Percentage Lease option to owner-operators in the Western states. The Percentage Lease provides Schneider owner-operators exclusive access to select loads from one of the largest freight bases in the industry.

By self-dispatching and selecting their own loads, Schneider’s owner-operators decide when and where they want to run, thereby providing  flexibility and maximum control of their business.

Previously offered primarily in states east of Texas, Schneider’s Percentage Lease is now also available to owner-operators in most areas, to include nine Western states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Schneider Percentage Lease owner-operators earn 65% of line-haul revenue and 100% of fuel surcharge and accessorials. Owner-operators can average revenue of $800 per day, depending on how they want to run their business. Some Schneider owner-operators gross up to $1,000 per day. Schneider is also currently offering a $7,500 Lease-On Incentive to help owner-operators move their business to Schneider.

The Percentage Lease is one of two leasing options Schneider makes available to its owner-operators. Schneider also offers a Mileage Lease option to solo or team owner-operators.

The Mileage Lease provides owner-operators the freedom to focus on driving, while Schneider handles the load assignments. Mileage Lease owner-operators earn $.92 per mile with a $.15 per mile Performance Premium and 100% fuel surcharge and accessorials. In addition to its $7,500 Lease-On Incentive for solo owner-operators, Schneider is offering a $10,000 incentive to help team owner-operators move their business to Schneider.

With Mileage Lease, owner-operators have multiple driving opportunities to choose from at Schneider, including Over-the-Road, Team, Regional, Dedicated, Port Dray, Intermodal and Tanker.

In addition to lease compensation, Schneider owner-operators have the opportunity to take part in the Purchase Power Program, which saves them thousands of dollars each year on fuel, tires, equipment, insurance, maintenance and more.