CORRECTED -- Noregon Systems has announced driver and firmware updates for JPRO DLA+ Adapters. The updates cover JPRO DLA+, JPRO DLA+ Wireless and JPRO DLA+ PLC Adapters.
The new drivers provide support for the ISO 15765 protocol via RP1210C on JPRO DLA+ and JPRO DLA+ Wireless Adapters. Support for ISO 15765 on the DLA+ PLC Adapter will soon be available.
Installation of the new driver and firmware is required for the latest versions of Cummins Insite, Cummins PowerSpec and 2013 Volvo Trucks with Volvo Engines. As a new feature, the adapter firmware now automatically updates following the first diagnostic connection to the vehicle. Automatic firmware updates are not supported when connecting to Volvo Premium Tech Tool.
2013 Volvo Trucks require the use of a Volvo 16-PIN OBD-II cable (Noregon part number 12159). Cummins engine programming may require a Cummins 3-Pin Cable (Noregon part number 12213).
The new drivers and firmware for all three JPRO DLA+ Adapters are available for immediate download at: Click on “Downloads” button on the top of the home page and select “Adapter Drivers.”

Corrected 6/21/2013 to replace incorrect parts numbers.