PeopleNet announced support for Motorola’s MC75A Mobile Computer to be compatible with PeopleNet’s fleet mobility applications.

PeopleNet’s testing found that the MC75A 3.5G Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant meets user application-specific needs, and reduces the risk of damage and shortens deployment time for PeopleNet customers.

In addition, this advanced point-of-work management solution provides drivers reliable, convenient access to more display options that are fully supported by PeopleNet applications. As a single-source solution provider, the company says it will be accountable for resolving issues.

Beyond portability and durability, PeopleNet certifies each handheld device offering to ensure that they support safety and compliance management, driver and vehicle monitoring, and the company’s performance-boosting applications.

In doing so, commercial-grade devices like the MC75A protect critical, proprietary data against loss and security breaches.