Bridgestone Commercial Solutions, a business of Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, announced two new Bridgestone tires for heavy-duty urban use. The Greatec M845 Wide-Base Radial and M860A High-Scrub All-Position Radial use new technologies to meet the high demands of urban environments.

The M860A reflects improvements made to the popular Bridgestone M860. It features a new compound that improves wear performance leading to longer life. It is also engineered with a wider belt package that enhances casing durability, making it more retreadable, extending casing asset life.

The Greatec M845 is available in a new size for Bridgestone, 455/55R22.5.

Greatec M845 Wide-Base Radial

Greatec M845 Wide-Base Radial

Greatec M845 Wide-Base Radial – Engineered for high-traction and high-scrub applications, the wide-base tire design supports heavier loads, reducing the number of trips required.

Next-generation WavedBelt technology reduces irregular shoulder wear. Key elements include: stone rejector platforms to prevent trapped stones, which can damage belts; optimized groove shape to increase durability and enhance retreadability; an aggressive block pattern that promotes wet traction; and a continuous shoulder design for reduced rolling resistance.

Other features include, special tread compounds, extra-deep and extra-wide tread, tough sidewall protection, optimized belt package, and patented Turn-In Ply design.

M860A High-Scrub All-Position Radial

M860A High-Scrub All-Position Radial

M860A High-Scrub All-Position Radial – Engineered specifically for refuse, high-scrub and short-haul applications, the M860A features a special compound that improves wear performance and life span while a wider belt package enhances  casing durability and increases retreadability.

Key elements include: aggressive blocks to bite into soft surfaces for better traction; stone rejector platforms; angled grooves to promote wet traction; solid shoulder design to evenly distribute  weight and torque to fight irregular wear and block squirm for even wear.

Other features include a long-lasting tread designed to spread load over a larger area for long life, a special cap compound, sidewall protector ribs, wide casing and wide belt design, and reinforced bead.

The M860A will be available in June and the Greatec M845 will be available in July.