Just in time for love bug season, Awesome Products Corp. introduces its Love Bug Eraser, a chemical-free solution for removing bugs while cleaning vehicles.

The love bugs swarm twice a year. You don't just hit one; you hit one hundred at a time. Their bodies secrete an acid when they die that bonds them to paint. If you can remove love bugs, you can remove any type of bug.

The Love Bug Eraser easily cleans off any and all bugs using just car wash soap and water, according to the company. It eliminates the need to use different products to clean the different surfaces of any vehicle - even the wheels! The reusable Love Bug Eraser is safe to use on paint, clear coat, plastics, graphics, glass, metal, etc.  

The Love Bug Erasers are available on the Internet in single packs and three packs. To reach high or hard to reach areas, three different kits are available.