Freightopolis, a Montreal-based technology company, has created a cloud-based shipping platform that connects road-based carriers to costumers directly. is a real-time platform that consolidates online freight information entered by large and small TL and LTL freight carriers across Canadian and U.S. transportation markets.

Carriers and costumers are matched based on a proprietary PATT system-price, availability, and transit time.

The system is designed to directly and immediately bring together costumers and carriers.

It allows customers to instantly access real-time information entered by approved carriers. At the moment of booking, a tracking number is assigned to the freight which allows for 24/7 status updates and alerts. This service is designed to enable customers to be aware of the status of the shipment at any given time.

Freightopolis maintains each partner carrier’s data on a cloud-based server. The Freightopolis software is accessible to carriers of all sizes, common carriers and carriers with at least five trucks alike; furthermore Freightopolis guarantees payment for services rendered to carriers within 30 days of delivery.

For both customers and carriers involved, the system facilitates freight management by automatically generating, bills of lading, proof of delivery, and invoicing. Shipping information is stored in one database accessible by multiple users, so key people can instantly access the information they need.

Jack Pollak, the founder and owner of Freightopolis, fathered the idea in 2010, and after more than two years of development, it was launched in the first quarter of 2013.