Rand McNally announced a partnership with Getloaded.com, a web-based freight matching service, to provide an exclusive load board for owners of Rand McNally’s IntelliRoute TND truck GPS devices. The new service, available at a discount for TND users staring in May, will enable professional drivers to view freight available in their area for pickup and post their truck availability.

The company says the new customized load board for Rand McNally will allow the more than 100,000 of its registered users to access the service via a link on the Rand McNally Dock, the software used by TND owners to update their devices and secure additional services. 

All current and new TND owners will be able to take advantage of a 10-day free trial. Afterwards they can subscribe to unlimited service on Getloaded.com for a discounted monthly fee.

Once a driver activates the account, the service will enable searching for freight available in a particular area, or at a particular destination. Searches are returned with information such as “full load” or “less than truckload” mileages, type of trailer required, and pay scale. Drivers will also be able to post their availability for a load by trailer type, or by origin/destination.

“Since launching our first TND device, we continue to seek partners who can supply solutions to everyday challenges in the trucking community,” said Dave Muscatel, CEO of Rand McNally. “The new Rand McNally load-matching service, powered by Getloaded, allows drivers to find loads close-by or close to their destination, helping eliminate dead-head miles.”

Later this year, the custom site will be enabled directly from Rand McNally’s Wi-Fi connected TND devices (subject to possible third-party date charges) via the Truck Tools menu, meaning drivers will be able to quickly view loads in their area. When connected to the Internet, users will be able to set up a profile from within their device, and loads will be displayed for that profile on the device.

Drivers will be able to view loads available within a selected radius around the vehicle, or at the destination, choose a load, and then allow the device to route to the pickup and drop off location. In addition, drivers can post their vehicle as available.

In addition to the discounted custom site for IntelliRoute TND owners, the partnership agreement includes the ability for Getloaded.com to sell the Rand McNally devices on its website.