Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems officials announced the introduction of UltiMaax, the next generation in severe-duty rubber suspensions to the North and South American markets. 

UltiMaax was designed specifically for severe-duty vocational markets with durability being its cornerstone feature. 

Doug Sanford, Vice President and General Manager, Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems, stated at a press event that a slightly different version of the UltiMaax was introduced to the Chinese market in 2010.There are currently 5,000 UltiMaax suspentions systems running in China.

In addition to its durability, UltiMaax delivers enhanced stability, handling and ride quality even in the most severe-duty environments where vehicles encounter harsh and unexpected ground conditions. The integration of Hendrickson’s proven walking (equalizing) beam technology, with its rate spring, provides a balance of loaded stability and unloaded ride quality even in the most rugged environments.  

In the empty or lightly loaded condition, shear springs carry a majority of the vertical load resulting in a constant low spring rate and excellent ride quality. 

Due to the advancements of the rate spring, as the load increases, the ride and stability characteristics of the suspension change to meet the application’s needs without an abrupt change in spring rate. This ride translates to reduced road shock and vibration to the vehicle which contributes to longer service life of the cab, chassis and body equipment.

Mobility and traction are also crucial when operating in severe applications; UltiMaax responds with features designed to help end users perform in some of the harshest terrains. By nature, the walking beam design utilizes a central pivot point to help keep tire contact with the ground and maintain traction in challenging environments. 

However, Hendrickson has advanced walking beam technology even further with new design features including a flat-bottom design for increased ground clearance. In addition, the system offers up to 17.5 inches of loaded diagonal articulation and an increase in unloaded articulation courtesy of new high performance beam end and center bushings.

Available initially in capacities of 46,000, 52,000 and 60,000 pounds, UltiMaax is approved for vocational and severe-duty applications.