ALK Technologies, a provider of navigation and GeoLogistics software, announced that its CoPilot GPS navigation apps for smartphones and tablets will be available for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.

CoPilot brings voice-guided GPS navigation to Windows Phone 8 handsets and Windows 8 devices. Designed as an alternative to traditional in-vehicle systems, the app provides a full range of advanced turn-by-turn guidance features, comprehensive trip planning and automotive-grade street maps stored on-board the device for offline use.  

Integral real-time 'live' services include ActiveTraffic, Yelp, Wikipedia and Google Search to keep drivers fully informed on the road.

CoPilot for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 brings a complete suite of advanced navigation features that can help make every journey easier, including:

• Clear, non-distracting 3-D map views with lane arrows and signpost display

• ActiveTraffic calculates the fastest routes and accurate arrival times, based on live traffic flow information

• On-screen speed limit indicator and excess speed warnings

• Advanced trip planning with a choice of three routes and drag-and-drop route editing

• Comprehensive local search with integrated Yelp, Wikipedia and Google

• Global map regions available to purchase and store on the device as required

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