There’s hardly a fleet out there that wouldn’t like to save money on fuel costs. Maybe you’re not sure where to start. Maybe you feel like you’ve picked all the low-hanging fruit and you’re looking for new ideas. Here’s help.
HDT’s editors combed their own knowledge from years covering the trucking industry, and asked readers, suppliers, and other experts for their tips on ways to save money on fuel.

We started out with a goal to come up with 100 ways. We ended up with 121 ideas, from large to small. Got more? Email them to

The 121 tips are divided into the following sections:

1-17 Equipment

18-27 Trailers

28-41 Tires

42-59 Buying Fuel

60-70 Technology

71-82 Idle Reduction

83-110 Drivers

111-113 Fuel Theft

114-121 In the Shop