The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has released new materials to assist motor carriers in identifying and addressing their safety and compliance issues.

These materials include the Safety Management Cycle, an important tool that Agency Safety Investigators use during on-site investigations.
The SMC is able to identify safety problems, their root causes, and safety solutions.

To help familiarize carriers with how to use the SMC and its six Safety Management Processes, FMCSA developed a factsheet that explains how to use these materials to improve safety practices. FMCSA has also provided a supplemental case study that shows carriers how to use the SMC in the long-term.

Additionally, FMCSA is releasing eight SMC job aids, which were originally created for enforcement personnel. There is one job aid for each Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Category. The Vehicle Maintenance BASIC has two SMCs: Inspection-Repair-Maintenance and Cargo-Related.

Check out these new SMC resources on CSA website Resources page.