Bendix Versajust LS Slack Adjuster Photo: Bendix

Bendix Versajust LS Slack Adjuster Photo: Bendix

Peterbilt announced that it is offering the Bendix Versajust LS slack adjuster and Bendix Eversure spring brake as factory options for both steer and drive axles on multiple truck models.

The Bendix Versajust LS is a link-style automatic slack adjuster that can extend lining life and drum life, according to Peterbilt. The Versajust LS is designed to significantly reduce brake maintenance and minimize the risk of dragging brakes. The slack adjuster is covered by a standard six-year/1 million mile warranty.

The Bendix Eversure spring brake offers the potential for increased payload, better fuel economy and lower cost of operation. The Eversure unit is equipped a lightweight chamber, saving up to eight pounds per tandem axle. The No Touch Power Spring design eliminates coil clash, while an increased power spring shut height reduces stresses on the spring and allows the brake to maintain its force output over time.

The Versajust slack adjusters and Eversure spring brakes are available on the Peterbilt Models 579, 567, 520, 389, 367, and 365 as well as in Model 579 and 389 glider kits.