Photo via CarriersEdge

Photo via CarriersEdge

Sentry Insurance has launched an online driver training program for its trucking customers with content produced by CarriersEdge.

The learning platform is designed for training professional truck drivers, taking into consideration the learning styles of users and providing engaging and interactive learning experiences.

"We're excited to make this important safety training program available to our customers,” said Dan Grant, director of safety services for Sentry's transportation business unit. "CarriersEdge produces content that is easy to use for customers, and provides measurable results in safety improvement."

Sentry offers insurance solutions for transportation businesses as well as safety, risk management, and educational services to help its customers address specific concerns. Sentry works with fleet managers and trucking businesses to improve driver safety and lower operating costs, and its partnership with CarriersEdge is aimed at complementing and expanding Sentry’s safety services.

“Sentry is well known for the strength of their safety and risk management programs and we’re very pleased to help them expand those offerings,” said Jane Jazrawy, CEO of CarriersEdge. “We’re looking forward to working with Sentry customers to enhance their driver training programs.”

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