Photo: Morgan Corporation

Photo: Morgan Corporation

Truck and van body maker Morgan Corporation has launched its NexGen line of truck bodies for dry freight and refrigerated applications.

NexGen bodies make use of more advanced designs and materials, resulting in truck bodies that are lighter than similar units but are capable of carrying more payload, according to Morgan. The design of NexGen bodies also results in increased fuel economy and better resistance to the elements.

The lightweight body is built of non-corrosive materials to inhibit rust, improving durability and slowing aging. NexGen bodies feature stain-resistant phenolic flooring in the dry freight body and an aluminum silent floor in the reefer.

Sealed joints prevent leaks to keep product, cargo, or tools dry, using elastomeric gaskets in the connection profiles to provide protection from water intrusion. The bodies also use hard-mount installation brackets in place of U-bolts to improve overall durability.

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