Photo: International

Photo: International

Meritor’s EX+L air disc brakes became available on International LT series trucks starting in February,  the company has announced.

The EX+L is designed to deliver better braking power that meets federal FMVSS 121 reduced stopping distance regulations. The brakes are also made for better in-line braking stability for safer, smoother stops and feature reduced brake fade resistance.

"Demand for air disc brakes is growing among North America fleets that are increasingly concerned about safety and reliability, and our market-leading brake products address these issues," said T.J. Reed, general manager, front drivetrain for Meritor. "EX+ will offer Navistar's customers superior performance and easier serviceability."

EX+ air disc brakes are engineered from the ELSA line of European air disc brakes. EX+L brakes feature a gear-synchronized twin piston design that transfers torque to both brakes simultaneously, resulting in better performance and uniform pad wear, according to Meritor.

The entire assembly is designed for faster pad changes and quicker inspection time. A standard mechanical visual wear indicator gives fleets quick-check capability of remaining pad life without taking the vehicle out of service to remove the wheel.