The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a safety advisory to owners and operators of DOT407 and DOT412 specification cargo tank motor vehicles manufactured by Keith Huber Inc..

The CTMVs do not comply with Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations and do not meet DOT specification requirements in the Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations. The advisory applies to CTMVs manufactured before May 1, 2013.

Keith Huber Inc. is no longer in business and all manufacturing ended on or about May 1, 2013. The agency notes that Keith Huber Inc. is a distinct entity from Keith Huber Corp. CTMVs made by Keith Huber Corp. after May 1, 2013, are not included in the advisory, according to the FMCSA.

An investigation revealed that Keith Huber CTMVs have the following specification shortages:

  • The Series III rear end protection device does not meet the requirements of Section 178.345-8(b)(1).
  • The 4x4 tube rear end protection device does not meet the requirements of Section 178.345-8(b)(1).
  • The CTMVs were manufactured with internal baffles without installing pads on the cargo tank wall.
  • The CTMVs may not be equipped with a fusible element as required by Section 178.345-11(b)(1)(iii).

Because of the shortcomings, continued use of the equipment is prohibited and owners and operators will be subject to enforcement and penalties. Because the company that made these tankers no longer exists, owners and operators can either remove the DOT specification plate and take the CTMV out of specification hazardous materials service, o hHave qualified personnel perform the following repairs on the CTMV in accordance with the HMR before continued use in specification hazardous materials service:

  • Replace the rear end protection device with a device that is compliant with Section 178.345-8(b)(1), including certification by a Design Certifying Engineer.
  • If necessary, install a fusible element. Have this done by a Registered Inspector in accordance with Section 178.345-11(b)(1)(iii).
  • Install mounting pads for the internal baffle attachments. Have this done by qualified personnel at a cargo tank facility registered with FMCSA and holding a valid National Board Certificate of Authorization for use of the National Board “R” Stamp in accordance with Section 180.413.

For more information contact Paul Bomgardner, Chief, Hazardous Materials Division, at 202-493-0027 or by email at