Photo: Pegasus TransTech

Photo: Pegasus TransTech

Pegasus TransTech introduced Transflo Telematics, offering a fleet management and electronic logging platform.

Transflo Telematics offers data and telematics software for fleet managers, an electronic logging device that installs in the vehicle, and a mobile app drivers can use to manage logs and other workday activities.

“Because telematics is another form of mobility, entering the telematics market is a natural extension of the Transflo suite,” said Frank Adelman, president and CEO of Pegasus TransTech. “By converging mobile and telematics into one platform, we’ve created a host of new possibilities for fleet managers and professional drivers.”

Transflo Telematics was developed in partnership with Geotab, a provider of GPS vehicle tracking devices and fleet management software. The new telematics solution was tested by carriers participating in the Transflo mobile advisory group.

“With our plug-and-play device, fleet managers can easily implement, and rely on our accurate, open platform fleet management solution to increase productivity and cut costs,” said Neil Cawse, CEO of Geotab. “We’re excited to partner with an industry leader like Transflo, who has an extensive footprint in the truckload market and across the transportation industry. Together, we’re delivering the next generation of telematics.”

Transflo Telematics features three components – Transflo Telematics portal, Transflo T7 ELD, and Transflo Mobile platform – in one solution that enables commercial carriers and professional drivers to comply with electronic logging regulations. Drivers can access electronic logs and everything else they need to manage their day, while fleet managers access data and reporting about drivers, vehicles, and fleets.

Transflo Telematics portal

  • Real-time GPS truck tracking, fuel consumption monitoring, and route analysis
  • Ultra-accurate vehicle diagnostics with visibility into engine faults, driver behavior, and other engine-derived information
  • Accident detection, notification, and reconstruction

Transflo T7 ELD

  • Lifetime warranty, easy installation (less than 10 minutes), compact (less than 3 inches)
  • Second-by-second recording, capturing advanced engine data
  • Cellular capability coupled with highly sensitive GPS and accelerometer data

Transflo Mobile

  • Hours of service display with driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR)
  • Load management, document capture, and mapping (routing, weather, and fuel stops)
  • Dispatch chat, driver training, and driver settlement statement access