The Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association has announced the formation of the Commercial Vehicle Research Council, a dedicated research council to provide a forum for key trends and issues within the heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry.

The new council is part of an effort by the former Automotive Market Research Council board, which decided to cease operation in December 2015 and begin a new council under the HDMA banner.

CVRC will be comprised of senior market data and research executives from leading HDMA member companies and OEMs in the heavy-duty industry.

“This was a move that made a lot of sense to the companies involved in the AMRC,” said Adrian Ratza of Hino Trucks, a past AMRC Chair.  “The CVRC will be a unique combination of old and new; introducing new elements to the group while recognizing the rich heritage of the former AMRC.”

Ratza will serve as the CVRC founding chair with other past AMRC offices assuming duties as founding board members of CVRC. The new board will also include Russell Cox from Peterbilt.

CVRC plans to hold its first meeting on Oct. 6, 2016 in Chicago, the day after HDMA’s annual off-hgihway conference.

“We believe the CVRC will quickly establish itself as an ongoing industry group that will sponsor and participate in HD CV industry benchmarking and market analysis programs, and we are excited to enable the transition of the former AMRC into a new council for HDMA,” said Tim Kraus, president and COO of HDMA. “Moving forward, the CVRC will play an important role for all our members, particularly HDMA peer-councils, with its focus on the HDCV and OHV markets. This council will also support a variety of member-focused HDMA research projects.”

HDMA is the commercial vehicle division of the Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association that provides industry leadership for NAFTA-based OEM and aftermarket suppliers in the on- and off-highway commercial vehicle equipment industry.