J.J. Keller & Associates has released the third editions of the J.J. Keller Tractor-Trailer Driver Training Manual and Instructor’s Supplement.

Both publications are based on the Federal Highway Administration Model Curriculum and follow the curriculum standards set by the Professional Truck Driver Institute. The manual and supplement are updated annually and come in a contemporary, user-friendly format designed to grab attention and increase comprehension.

The J.J Keller Tractor Trailer Driver Training Manual covers topics that go beyond what is required to pass the CDL exam. It covers safety, compliance and best practice information on topics such as accident procedures, backing, cargo, truck and driver security, communication, CSA, hours of service, and vehicle inspections.

The Instructor’s Supplement offers tips on preparing for classroom sessions and delivering engaging training. It includes recommendations for lab, range and on-the-road exercises. It also provides online access to downloadable PowerPoint presentations, chapter quizzes with answers and CDL pre-tests.

For more information on the manual or supplement, click here or call 800-327-6868 for details.