The Nav+ HD system. Photo via Kenworth

The Nav+ HD system. Photo via Kenworth

Kenworth will begin offering Trucktech+ and Nav+ HD technology products designed to improve vehicle diagnostics and productivity. Trucktech+ tracks and transmits vehicle health in real time while Nav+ HD is a premium multi-function communication and entertainment system, according to the company.

Trucktech+ is a real-time truck diagnostic tool provided by PeopleNet. The system will allow the Paccar MX-13 engine to transmit data to fleet managers, call centers and dealers to optimize truck uptime and productivity. The tool will be available for Paccar MX-13  equipped Kenworth Class 8 trucks this summer.

Fault codes and engine performance data are sent via the truck's standard modem to Kenworth's analytics center, where possible root causes are diagnosed and solutions are recommended via email notification. Notifications may include keep driving, no action required, keep driving and have the fault addressed during the next service interval, head to a dealer for service, or pull over to prevent damage.

When service is required the system will also map out the locations for the three closest repair facilities. The data is also sent to a fleet manager for review along with truck location, status and identified issue and recommended solution. The system is included for the first two years a new Kenworth Class 8 truck is on the road or during the duration of an extended engine warranty period. After that period the tool can be maintained through subscription.

Kenworth Nav+ HD is available for Kenworth Class 8 Trucks ordered with Kenworth’s premium interior package and is available as an option for all new Kenworth Class 6-8 conventional trucks.

The system centers around a 7-inch, high-definition touchscreen. It includes integration into the Kenworth SmartWheel steering wheel. It offers hands-free Bluetooth phone capability, truck navigation through Co-Pilot, iPod and MP3 integration, integrated Sirius XM Satellite radio, virtual gauges, camera inputs and other features. It also offers Wi-Fi capability.

The touchscreen has a pinch-to-zoom feature for several of the apps, for better viewing. In trucks equipped with a rearview camera, the video feed can be integrated into the screen. When Co-Pilot is activated, map updates can be checked for and downloaded through the system as well.