Photo: Volvo Trucks

Photo: Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks reached a market share of 15.3% of the Canadian heavy-duty retail market in 2014 selling 4,510 vehicles, a record for the manufacturer. This is a 2.2% increase over the 3,652 trucks sold in Canada in 2013.

In combined U.S. and Canadian markets, the company also saw an all-time high market share with 12.4% with sales of 31,065 vehicles in 2014. In 2013, Volvo Trucks sold 24,310 trucks in the combined markets.

“This achievement is evidence of the market’s acceptance of our aerodynamic trucks, fuel-efficient powertrains and commitment to maximizing Uptime support for our customers,” said Goran Nyberg, president of Volvo Trucks North America.

Nyberg attributed its success to new technologies such as its I-Shift automated manual transmission and XE powertrain package. The Volvo I-Shift was part of 75% of truck purchases in 2014 and the XE powertrain was in 28% of all trucks the company sold. Volvo offers the XE powertrain package for its 11-liter D11, 13-liter D13 and 16-liter D16 engines.

The company also cited its Uptime Center customer service as a key part of its strategy to attract more customers.

“Continuing our focus on these customer needs, as well as driver productivity and safety will well-position Volvo Trucks for the future as fleets continue to seek products that increase their return on investment,” said Nyberg.

1/23/2015: Headline corrected to reflect the fact that this does not include numbers for all of North America.