Failing to disclose previous accidents has led to a truck driver facing federal charges.

On September 2, Arnold Williams was indicted in United States District Court, Raleigh, North Carolina, for false statements on a commercial driver employment application, according to release from the U.S. Transportation’s Office of Inspector General.

Williams applied to MTR Inc., a small carrier in North Carolina, and was subsequently hired. FMCSA regulations require applicant truckers to list all previous accidents. However, Williams listed none.

An investigation determined in January 2013, Williams was charged by the North Charleston, South Carolina, police with reckless homicide and possessing an open alcohol beverage container. The arrest followed a crash of the tractor-trailer he was operating that resulted in one fatality and three injuries.

Later, in April 2013, Williams was driving a commercial vehicle in Georgia when he was stopped by a Georgia State Police officer and charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol.

The release did not state what specific charges Williams is facing, nor the maximum sentence he faces if convicted. A date for trial was not disclosed in the release.