The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is extending its test of a new approach to screening new entrants into trucking. It also is adjusting how the screening process works.

In July 2013 the agency began a year-long test of a pre-screening process in which certain applicants can file their information electronically.

This week the agency announced it will extend the test through the rest of this year. In addition, the agency said it will automatically launch corrective action on an applicant whose filing is inadequate. If the applicant does not make the necessary changes, he will not be granted authority.

The pre-screening process is designed to identify high-risk applicants who need an on-site safety review and give low-risk applicants a way to file automatically.

It is being tested in California, Alaska, Florida, Illinois, New York, Montana and the Canadian Provinces contiguous to Montana and New York.

In a Federal Register notice to be published Tuesday, the agency says that many of the applicants who had violations failed the follow-up audit.

“Allowing a new entrant motor carrier known to be operating with an automatic failure violation can pose a threat to public safety,” the agency said.