The Performance Innovation Transport group announced it has received funding to initiate a commercial vehicle engine programming project to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

The funding comes from the Quebec government as part of an emission and fuel consumption initiative.

PIT says the focus of the project is to provide engine manufacturers with guidance on parameters and setting defaults and to provide fleets with information on which parameters to use to maximize efficiency based on a particular use.

“Millions of dollars and thousands of hours are spent annually on implementing new fuel and emission reducing technologies, while something as simple as appropriate engine programming could represent fuel savings of 10 to 15%,” says Yves Provencher, director of PIT.

The project will help manufacturers and fleets optimize new engines, and the programming parameters developed through PIT are targeted for when a truck changes vocation.

PIT partners for the engine programming project include:

  • Cummins Eastern Canada
  • Cascades Transport Inc.
  • The Association of Mechanical Inspection Agents of Quebec
  • The Societe des Alcools Du Quebec (a government run alcohol distributor)

Parameters will be developed for long haul, regional, delivery, refuse, forestry trucks and buses.

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