Cargo backlogs continue at the Port of Oakland leaving truckers waiting for hours to pick up containers, according to the Oakland Tribune newspaper.

Representatives from the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Local 10, place the blame for the problem on SSA Terminals. It took control of the affected terminals last month, removing two berths from operation.

Port of Oakland officials disagree somewhat, admitting the takeover by SSA led to some problems, but say it’s more the result of three one-day labor stops by longshoremen, one protesting SSA’s takeover, and the Independence Day holiday.

Operations at other terminals at the Port of Oakland have been unaffected.

The delays have led to reports of it taking 21 days for some shipments to clear customs, three times the usual average, while truckers have seen their average wait time increase from a couple of hours to around seven-hours.

Regardless of the reason, for the fourth straight weekend the port will keep open the major terminal complex operated by SSA, to move out what are reported to be “stacks of containers.”

The Port of Oakland says it believes the backlog should be cleared up in the coming week.