Updated--Delays at the Port of New York and New Jersey that started in June should be showing some signs of easing.

The situation began when Maher Terminals put online a new computer system to improve operations, but it did anything but that, with the company saying last week it has not worked as hoped, but added it believes the problem has been corrected, according to published reports.

Wait times for truckers have been several hours with freight being diverted to other facilities while cargo containers at the Port of New York and New Jersey are reportedly piled up.

Despite the optimism from Maher and the company that makes the computer system, there are concerns freight backlogs could last around mid-September, forcing cargo to be shipped to other ports.

Retailers have expressed deep concerns over the delays as they work to get ready for the back-to-school shopping season as well as making preparations for the holiday shopping season.

Maher handles about a third of the port’s freight volume.