Two carriers based in Mexico have had their applications dismissed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to participate in the long-haul cross-border trucking program between the U.S. and its neighbor to the south.

Transportes Mor SA de CV and Adriana De Leon Amaro did not pass their Pre-Authorization Safety Audit, which is required to participate in this pilot effort that was launched in October 2011.

FMCSA says officials were not able to determine if both operations met U.S. regulations for having drug and alcohol testing programs for drivers. This led it to abruptly end its investigation of the operations, meaning it did not go though other required parts of the PASA that include inspecting the companies’ trucks or other matters required under the program.

FMCSA says in the Federal Register notice that these are the only applicants in the program that have failed their PASA.

Transportes Mor SA de CV was trying to get clearance for two drivers and two trucks while Adriana De Leon Amaro attempted with just one each.

To date 15 Mexican carriers have had their applications in the program dismissed by FMCSA or they have been withdrawn. Ten have received approval, with the most recent getting the go-ahead in February, while another six are waiting on the agency to process their applications and conduct PASAs.

Since the first truck crossed in the program, there have been more than 2,000 movements, with the bulk of them by one fleet.

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