Drivers can opt for three different view layouts with the Peterbilt DVS-M system: Traditional, Panoramic or Expanded. - Photo: Peterbilt

Drivers can opt for three different view layouts with the Peterbilt DVS-M system: Traditional, Panoramic or Expanded. 

Photo: Peterbilt

Peterbilt has announced the introduction of its new Digital Vision System-Mirrors (DVS-M). The new rear-view camera system is available as an option on Model 579 and Model 567 trucks. The new system has been designed to maximize driver visibility and safety, the OEM said.

A Three-Camera System

According to Peterbilt, the DVS-M is a digital solution that uses one High Dynamic Range (HDR) camera integrated into the driver side mirror head and two HDR cameras integrated into the passenger side mirror head. The system is designed to be intuitive for drivers to use.

All three cameras feature hydrophobic lenses to repel water, ice and dust which ensures visibility during harsh conditions.

Cameras controlled by the joystick interface are viewed on two large high-definition interior monitors. The driver side monitor is 12.3-inches, and the passenger side monitor is 15-inches. Both are strategically placed on the A-Pillars to avoid disruption in windshield visibility and to allow continued use of standard glass.

The monitors can be viewed in three layouts: Traditional, Panoramic or Expanded and also feature Vision Enhancements which include Automatic Trailer Tracking and Panning, Infrared Night Vision and Clear Inclement Weather Vision.

Safety and Fuel Economy

Peterbilt said the DVS-M helps to improve driver safety by reducing blind spots on the road, providing clear visibility during inclement weather and by reducing the distraction of headlight glare at night.

Other features of the DVS-M include a fuel savings of up to 1.5% due to a smaller side mirror design and an automatic camera defrost when temperatures reach below 43°F.

“Peterbilt sets new standards for performance and safety with purposeful innovation," said Jake Montero, Peterbilt assistant general manager, sales and marketing. "Our Digital Vision System-Mirrors aligns with this commitment and reflects how we successfully leverage leading technology to enhance our products and elevate the overall driving experience for our customers."

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