QuikScope is a new tool designed to mitigate the risk of identity fraud and cargo theft. - Photo: QuikSkope

QuikScope is a new tool designed to mitigate the risk of identity fraud and cargo theft.

Photo: QuikSkope

QuikSkope, a new fraud protection tool, provides real-time, load-level verification using a simple link to ensure a secure chain of custody between all parties. The company said it is uniquely designed to provide real-time, load-level verification, and security protocols to combat fraud and criminal activity.

The company was launched by a group of logistics industry veterans with a combined 75 years of industry experience.

“Our goal with QuikSkope was to make it as simple as possible for drivers to navigate the verification process and for brokers and shippers to respond. Clicking a text message link and uploading a quick photo encourages compliance by eliminating the need to download and employ yet another application and ultimately secures the full chain of custody,” said Michael Fullam, QuikSkope founder.

QuikSkope uses a five-step process that combines real-time information cross-referencing, pre-pickup load-level verification, geofencing and photo verification, efficient scanner technology, and reliable partner authentication ensuring that every load is being moved by the correct individuals.

Driver Verification

QuikSkope said that using geofencing and photo verification allows shippers and brokers to confirm that a driver associated with the carrier hired is physically on-site at the pickup location before a pickup number is released.

In addition to QuikSkope’s verification process, if fraud is detected or verification fails, the company said it will not release the pickup number and customers will be notified via email.

The customer then can see the photo provided and intervene by manually approving the pickup number release or calling the carrier and notifying them they need to be replaced for failure to verify their identity. Bad actors will be reported and documented in real-time, the company said.

Double Brokering

As the logistics landscape undergoes transformational shifts, freight fraud has spread across the supply chain as new technology has made it easier for double-brokering to thrive, added QuikSkope.

A DAT Freight and Analytics study found that 16% of carriers reported being double-brokered in 2022. According to the Transportation Intermediaries Association, that accounts for about $800 million in losses each year for brokers, carriers, shippers, and consumers.

Individual Load Security

The company explained many of today’s supply chain verification tools are focused on vetting carriers before they are hired to verify that their identities are correct and they have the proper authority to operate.

QuikSkope said its goal is not to replace that process, but to add another layer of security at the individual load level to ensure the carrier and driver hired are the ones that are executing the load, reducing double brokering.

QuikSkope can be deployed on a per-load basis or through a subscription plan.

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