When winter arrives, trucks and drivers alike need to be prepared to keep the freight moving.  -  Photo: Jim Park

When winter arrives, trucks and drivers alike need to be prepared to keep the freight moving.

Photo: Jim Park

Keeping trucks moving in winter takes a team effort, from maintenance managers prepping trucks for the cold, to the back office helping with route planning to avoid bad or impassable roads, to drivers navigating safely when roads become slick and visibility is diminished.

So, HDT has compiled the best of its winter-related trucking stories, focusing on maintenance and also on driver knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to safely navigate winter.

What do you need to learn more about?

Maybe you need to understand how fuel additives keep your trucks’ fuel system from freezing, or what steps to make sure your air system remains fully operational and reliable, no matter the temperature or weather conditions. What about tires? Should you air down, or not? We’ve got you covered on that topic as well.

What else needs to be serviced? Don’t forget that your fifth wheel needs extra care as temperatures drop. Think your cooling system is not as much of a concern when it is cold, rather than hot outside. Not true, so learn more.

And how do you fight corrosion on various components of both trailer and truck, including inside the cab?

How should drivers prepare for bad roads, breakdowns, or even being stranded out on the open road during a winter storm? We’ve got all those answers and more.

 -  Photo: Jim Park

Photo: Jim Park

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