Gladstein, Neandross & Associates has been acquired by TRC Companies.  -  Photo: GNA

Gladstein, Neandross & Associates has been acquired by TRC Companies.

Photo: GNA

TRC Companies announced the acquisition of Gladstein, Neandross & Associates, a North American consulting firm specializing in low- and zero-emission transportation technologies, infrastructure, and ultra-low carbon fuels for commercial transportation.

GNA said during the past 30 years it has managed the design and development of more clean fleet deployment projects than any other firm in North America. The company said it has helped its clients track, apply for, and secure more than $1 billion in incentives for clean commercial vehicles and infrastructure.

TRC is a global firm providing environmentally focused and digitally powered solutions, including consulting, construction, engineering and management services.

“A big focus of the deal for us is to tap into the tremendous capabilities that a large company can provide to allow for GNA’s continued growth," Erik Neandross, CEO of GNA, told HDT in an email. "As the world of ultra-clean and zero emission transportation is about to experience some hockey-stick growth, we need to make sure we can keep pace with this acceleration.

"Joining forces with a company like TRC helps to ensure that we have a robust support infrastructure to ensure we will be well-staffed and resourced, and ready to meet the increased demands from our customers and the industry overall.”

TRC said that GNA's sustainable transportation expertise, combined with TRC’s experience with developing energy supply and delivery systems, expands its climate solutions offering and helps it accelerate the zero-emission vehicle transition.

“Together, we bring new capabilities and broader support to our clients and utility partners as they address the challenges of fleet electrification," said Christopher Vincze, chairman and CEO of TRC.

A core focus of GNA’s business is working with fleet operators to develop and execute clean fleet strategies, navigate regulatory requirements, and maximize the financial benefits through public incentives, low carbon fuel standard credits, and more. GNA also works with truck and vehicle manufacturers, infrastructure developers, and technology and fuel providers to bring advanced transportation and energy solutions to market.  

GNA also produces educational events and tradeshows, including the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo.

“We have seen tremendous growth in our business in recent years as governments, OEMs, and fleet operators make significant investments in zero-emission commercial vehicle technologies, driven by an unprecedented volume of public incentive funding, consumer pressures, and ever-growing climate policies and regulatory mandates,” Neandross said.

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