Peterbilt Model 579EV electric truck is upfitted with Kodiak Robotics technology. - Photo: Peterbuilt/Kodiak Robotics

Peterbilt Model 579EV electric truck is upfitted with Kodiak Robotics technology.

Photo: Peterbuilt/Kodiak Robotics

Kodiak Robotics introduced the first-ever autonomous electric Class 8 truck.

Kodiak is upfitting a Peterbilt Model 579EV electric truck with the Kodiak Driver, the company’s self-driving technology. The truck will be incorporated into Kodiak’s fleet in 2024.

The Peterbilt Model 579EV truck is the second vehicle platform that Kodiak is upfitting and it is equipped with its fifth-generation sensors.

Kodiak’s autonomous system is vehicle- and powertrain-agnostic, which enables the company to easily incorporate its autonomous system into emerging truck platforms as they become available, regardless of fuel type.

Peterbilt Model 579EV Features

The Peterbilt Model 579EV can be recharged in as little as three hours and provides a peak power rating of 670 horsepower.

With a range of up to 150 miles, the truck is designed for short-haul and drayage deployments and will be perfect as a test vehicle for Kodiak.

As the technology for EV trucks develops and range expands, Kodiak will be well-positioned to integrate its technology into future EV platforms.

Studies have demonstrated that autonomous technology enables a roughly 10% reduction in fuel consumption; this increased efficiency will help extend the range of EVs.

“We believe that the future of trucking is the combination of electric and autonomous vehicles,” said Don Burnette, Founder and CEO of Kodiak Robotics. “Given advancements in battery and fuel cell technologies, achieving zero-emissions trucking will soon be within reach. Kodiak’s work on the Peterbilt Model 579EV will help us gain valuable experience in how to build autonomous electric vehicles and help us realize that vision. Customers have been long asking for an autonomous electric vehicle and we are delivering on that need.”

To further build upon the sustainability of its trucks, Kodiak will explore other sustainable vehicle platforms, such as fuel cells and others, as they are introduced to the market.

The introduction of a zero-emissions truck into Kodiak’s autonomous fleet underscores the company’s environmental, social, and governance commitment.

Kodiak will display its Gen-5 autonomous electric truck at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo.

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