After a massive drop in April, TCI bounced back considerably in June.

After a massive drop in April, TCI bounced back considerably in June.

Source: FTR

After a record low of -28.66 this past April, FTR’s Trucking Conditions Index jumped to a historic high to 11.35 for June, the highest in a decade.

On the downside, FTR was unclear how long June’s higher utilization and strong growth in freight demand and rates would continue.

“The reversal of fortune in trucking has been staggering but fairly simple to understand,” said Avery Vise, vice president of trucking.

While freight demand increased significantly in June after a drop in both March and April, capacity has not improved at the same rate.

“We remain concerned that Washington’s financial support subsidized the economic rebound significantly and that continued strong support might be necessary until a vaccine is widely available,” added Vice. “However, even putting that issue aside, we anticipate some stabilization as an inventory rebuild probably accounts for some of the recent demand growth. Also, we see some indications that carriers are beginning to restore driver capacity, at least modestly.”

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