A snowstorm that swept through the East Coast yesterday caused a 116-vehicle pileup in northern Virginia.

The pileup was triggered when a car hit a tractor-trailer. One person was killed and more than 100 injured in the 3-mile mess on I-95 near Garrisonville. Fourteen were taken to the hospital.
The storm swept from the Carolinas up into New York, dumping 10 inches in parts of southern Pennsylvania and about 6 inches elsewhere. Traffic accidents killed 11 people in Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and West Virginia. North of Baltimore, a 5-mile stretch of southbound I-95 was closed for more than two hours following a series of crashes.
The weather today is supposed to be better. The snow has stopped, and temperatures are forecast to climb into the 40s and 50s.
"I've seen a lot of bad weather, a lot of wrecks, a lot of killing. On a scale of one to 10, this is a 10," Jim Roberts, a trucker who got stuck behind a crash on Interstate 64 east of Charlottesville, told the Associated Press.
Elsewhere on I-64, a tractor-trailer carrying tires, another carrying frozen food and two other trucks collided, dumping their cargos on the road. The tires caught fire and burned for several hours.