A truck driver was killed this week in an eight-vehicle pileup when visibility on U.S. 27 near Four Corners, Fla., was cut to zero by fog and wildfire smoke.

According to The (Lakeland) Ledger, a milk tanker hit the back of an 18-wheeler that was trying to avoid another tractor-trailer in the murk. The crash killed the milk tanker driver and started a chain reaction that involved four tractor-trailers, a gravel truck and two passenger vehicles in addition to the milk tanker.
Officials say the wildfire smoke could continue to be a problem for months, especially during the early morning hours, when it can combine with fog. Warning signs have been erected along the highway since the fire began last month, but many drivers aren't paying attention. The fire is contained, but muck burning in the fire's interior could smolder until the summer rains begin.