Iowa is adding weigh-in-motion scales to help it deal with increased truck traffic.

The first scale will be installed this fall on Interstate 29 in Fremont County in the southwestern part of the state. Others are proposed for I-35 in Clarke County in southern Iowa and in Worth County in the northern part of the state. One is also proposed for I-80 in Cedar County, between Iowa City and Davenport.
By using scales imbedded in the road, enforcement officials will be able to let legal trucks roll right on by, only pulling off those that appear to violate weight and safety regulations for further inspection.
"Our staff isn't going to increase, and we know the traffic will," Shirley Andre, director of the Iowa Department of Transportation's motor vehicle division, told the Associated Press.
The state is looking into transponder technology. The scale system will be set up to accommodate such a system. However, the state is waiting to take that step until the competing systems develop interconnectivity or some sort of standard is developed.