New signs on some stretches of Oregon highway warn of areas with high rates of truck-related accidents.

The "Truck Safety Corridor" signs went up last week on a 15-mile stretch of Interstate 5, reports The Oregonian. It's part of 155 miles included in the state's truck safety corridor program. The designated areas represent just 2% of state highways, but account for 12% of truck-related crashes.
Oregon State Police have increased enforcement in the truck safety corridors, using $330,000 in federal grant money to pay overtime to patrol officers. The motor carrier division has also increased truck inspections.
The Oregon Department of Transportation last year recorded 1,776 truck crashes, which killed 13 drivers. About a fourth of the crashes where drivers were at fault were caused by excessive speed. And 28 truckers apparently drove off the road while grabbing a cup of coffee or adjusting the radio, the state reports.