With Ancra's AutoDeck, beams come down at the push of a button to create a deck on which to...

With Ancra's AutoDeck, beams come down at the push of a button to create a deck on which to stack more cargo.

Screen capture from Ancra video

Ancra Cargo introduced AutoDeck, an automated integrated decking system, which allows loading dock staff and drivers to automate the height of each beam at the push of a button for customized decking solutions.

The new system was unveiled and demonstrated at the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council annual meeting in Atlanta March 19.

Prior to the introduction of manual decking systems decades ago, the space available in trailers was either not fully utilized, or pallets were stacked on top of each other, potentially damaging cargo. Ancra Cargo decking systems allow for better freight shipping efficiency, reduc losses resulting from cargo damage, and increas load averages by 10 to 30%.

The new Ancra Cargo AutoDeck system provides greater efficiency loading with higher safety for the user. The easy to use automation features will lead to a higher utilization of decking systems, reducing time to load and improving satisfaction and safety for logistics staff.

“The Ancra Cargo AutoDeck system is the next step as freight carriers aim to have the most effective and efficient tools in place,” said Larry Bethel, president of Ancra Cargo. “It takes out the manual element of decking systems, which will increase usage and reduce the time to load by 20%.”

Beams are adjusted remotely by the forklift operator, who stays on the forklift. Beams move into place at the push of a button; no need to climb over freight to move beams or risk damaging freight while adjusting beams. The beams disconnect from the drive mechanism if they come into contact with freight or people to prevent damage or injury.

The system will cycle up to 50 times on one battery charge and will operate manually in the absence of power.

AutoDeck is available for various trailer lengths.