Giti Tire has announced that it is launching a Giti brand of commercial truck tires in North America, offering a lineup of tires for long-haul, regional, urban/light duty, and mixed-service applications.


The tire manufacturer offers original-equipment commercial truck tires for more than 300 models of trucks and buses worldwide and already has commercial dealer networks across the globe.  Giti previously sold commercial truck tires in North America under the GT Radial brand and the The company is now uniting its North American operations under the Giti brand name.

“Having our own R&D Center in South Carolina affords us access to global technology while focusing on specific service conditions for our clientele in North America,” said Armand Allaire, executive vice president of commercial sales for Giti Tire (USA). “Our Giti brand incorporates outstanding retreadability into 17 tread patterns and 59 SKUs.  We also updated pattern naming conventions to help users and dealers select the correct application, making it simple for owner operators, fleets, and dealers to shop.”

As an example, the GTL922FS designation means Giti Trailer, Long Haul, with FS standing for "fuel saving."

Giti tires now available for North American fleets and owner operators include these:

  • GSR225 – Regional steer
  • GDL633FS – Long Haul Ultra Wide Base drive tire
  • GTL933FS – Long Haul Ultra Wide Base trailer tire
  • GAM851 – All Position Mixed Service tire

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