Old World Industries has announced the launch of BlueDEF Storage and Dispensing Equipment, a product portfolio ranging from basic hand pumps to bulk storage and dispensing systems for retail and commercial applications.

The BlueDEF portfolio includes the Plug and Pump Storage Systems.  Available in 396-, 660-, and 1,320-gallon options, these self-contained storage and dispensing systems cost significantly less to install than others in the industry.

The system is designed to be functional and reliable and is relocatable as well.  Fleet customers will appreciate the ease of installation, which equals less down time.  The system is double-walled and works in markets where temperatures drop below 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

Designed to meet ISO 22241 quality standards, all BlueDEF Storage and Dispensing Equipment is engineered with DEF-compatible parts to safeguard the sensitive chemistry and meet the high demands of the industry.