Denso's new PowerEdge is a high-amperage alternator for the medium- and heavy-duty truck market that achieves higher efficiency in a smaller, more lightweight design, which translates into improved fuel economy, according to the company.

The PowerEdge was designed to address the increased electrical requirements for trucks with a more efficient and durable design. The alternator can be up to 10 pounds lighter than the industry’s competition, according to Denso.

The alternator uses Denso's Segment Conductor technology, which incorporates a square wire copper stator design. The Segment Conductor is designed to be efficient and produces more amps at idle.

The PowerEdge is also equipped with heavy-duty bearings, long-life brush composition, and remote sense technology to prolong battery life. The alternator’s compact and lightweight design also lends itself to easier installation and handling for technicians.

Denso offers the PowerEdge in 170-, 185-, 205- and 220-amp versions. It will be available in July 2015.

"Medium and heavy duty customers have been looking for a more durable, higher efficiency solution for their growing electrical requirements,” said Fran Labun, vice president of sales at Denso Product and Services Americas. “Denso has responded by introducing the lightest, most efficient alternator in today's market.”