Agility Fuel Systems launched an improved high capacity behind-the-cab compressed natural gas fuel system. The new system holds 160 diesel gallon equivalents – up from 155 DGE - and weighs 500 pounds less than the previous model.

The new system uses higher capacity and lighter cylinders designed in a joint venture with Hexagon. It weighs 2,050 pounds and requires 31 ¼ inches of frame rail space. Agility says that depending on the application, the system could deliver a driving range of more than 600 miles.

When used in conjunction with Agility’s 126 DGE side mounded systems for a total capacity of 268 DGE, the range could be in excess of 1,100 miles, the company says.

The updated CNG system includes:

  • Next Generation Type 4 Cylinders – Plastic lined and externally constructed exclusively with carbon fiber, the new cylinders are more than 70% lighter than steel tanks, are not subject to corrosion.
  • Integrated Fuel Management Module – both "fast" and "time" fill receptacles are more easily accessible and come complete with an easy to read high-pressure gauge for accurate filling.
  • Area Pressure Relief Devices (PRD) –This technology monitors a much larger area than older-style "point" pressure relief devices.
  • Compact Package – Installed directly behind the cabin, requires only 31 ¼ inches of rail space, and is mounted entirely above the frame rail, thus allowing for additional side-mounted tanks for a total onboard fuel capacity of up to 286 DGE.
  • Wedge Profile – System fits within the already existing fairings to maintain the truck's aerodynamics and delivers peak fuel efficiency.
  • Ignition Disconnect Fuel Caps – Designed for safety above all else. If the fuel cap is not properly replaced after fueling, the vehicle will not start and therefore ensures the safest fill possible.

“We maintain our industry leadership by continually improving our products with new technology and innovation,” said Barry Engle, CEO of Agility. “Our new 160 DGE BTC is the lightest in the market per DGE and one of the highest capacity standalone systems available to enable a broad range of over-the-road trucking applications.”