SAN DIEGO -- The Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass application is now available on Rand McNally’s TND 760 mobile fleet management devices, the company announced at the American Trucking Associations' Management Conference and Exhibition Sunday.

Drivewyze PreClear is a cloud-based service that allows fleets with good safety records to bypass up to 98% of weigh stations. Each bypass saves an estimated $8.68 in driver time, vehicle operation, and fuel, according to the company.

The weigh station bypass application comes with a complimentary weigh station cost-analysis tool, nationwide Weigh Station Heads Up notifications that provide real-time information for 740 weigh stations and inspection sites, and a PreClear bypass service subscription option.

“Fleets can take full advantage of the time savings available with mobile-based weigh station bypass on Rand McNally’s fleet management and compliance system,” said Brian Heath, president and CEO of Drivewyze.

In a recently completed beta test by Rand McNally’s TND 760 fleet customers, fleets used the Drivewyze Analytics loss reporting tool to determine how much the PreClear service would save them when activated. The weigh station cost-analysis tool calculates the real costs of unplanned delays at weigh stations by using truck-to-infrastructure communication technology.

"The potential is exciting, and supports our goal of delivering outstanding return on investment when using our devices," said Jim Rodi, vice president of the Mobile Communications Group at Rand McNally. "Using the free analytics tool, fleets can determine ROI for Drivewyze bypass service before they even turn it on.”

New customers with Rand McNally TND 760 devices will have Drivewyze capabilities already loaded. Existing Rand McNally customers with the TND 760 can start using the complimentary Drivewyze PreClear Analytics Service once an over-the-air download has been completed.