Rand McNally announced software improvements to the HD 100 E-Log device, expanding its compatibility with more devices and platforms.

The update adds compliant E-Logs to tablets, smartphones and Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND GPS devices. The HD 100 will be able to tie together those devices into a mobile fleet management solution dependent on the selected service plan.

"The HD 100 is a highly effective, affordable solution for providing compliant electronic hours of service logs well in advance of the federal E-Log mandate," said Rand McNally CEO Stephen Fletcher. “With the new all platform capabilities of the HD 100, drivers and fleets can leverage the technology they already have."

The HD 100 is a small black box that plugs into a truck’s on-board diagnostic port and records GPS positioning along with other vehicle specific information and driving behavior.

The HD 100 is priced at $299 and includes six months of service with purchase of the device or in a bundle.