MATS, LOUISVILLE, KY – Freightliner Trucks released several new options for the Cascadia and Cascadia Evolution to enhance driver performance and safety, many of which can be seen at the 2014 Mid-America Trucking Show this week.

Options include:

  • ParkSmart HVAC system combined with Optimized Idle: An integration of two systems, this new feature automatically starts the engine if both the main and auxiliary battery packs are depleted. Cab temperature is controlled by the ParkSmart HVAC system, and the Optimized Idle system will monitor the battery voltage and oil temperature and start the engine when necessary. Drivers who find themselves parked for more than eight hours will benefit from virtually unlimited ParkSmart time.
  • Yellow B-Pillar Grab Handle: This brightly colored handle option is more visible for cab entry, especially when it is dark outside.
  • Leaf Spring Suspension Rating: The new 12,500-pound-rated leaf spring suspension complements the Detroit front axle offering and provides a smoother ride and is lighter weight than a 13,300-pound suspension.
  • Bendix AD-9SI Air Dryer: More than 40% lighter with an additional 25 percent increase in capacity over the current AD-IP dryer, this new air dryer has a spin- on cartridge, enabling faster replacement.
  • Bright Finish Aero Mirror (for the Cascadia Evolution): This new bright finish accessory offers another option to customize.
  • LED Flush Mounted Lights: Providing bright and clean light, the new back-of-cab flush mounted LED lights also draw less amperage and have a longer life than incandescent lamps.
  • New Daycab Roof Fairings: Redesigned to optimize aerodynamics for non-Evolution models, the new Cascadia day cab roof deflector improves aerodynamics, resulting in up to a 3.7% increase in fuel economy.
  • Bulb Out Detection: The bulb out detection system automatically performs a check to determine if exterior lamps are functioning, and notifies drivers via an in-dash light if an exterior lamp fails to turn on.
  • A-Pillar Grab Handle: For drivers who frequently get in and out of their tractor or who can’t reach the door handle easily, this additional grab handle can make it easier to enter the cab.