Diesel 2 Gas Inc. has introduced its dual fuel conversion system for diesel
Class 8 trucks in several engine family configurations. The new system, which D2G is calling DualFlex+, is the legacy of dual fuel fumigation technology operating in thousands of standby generators and large off-road industrial vehicles for over 20 years.

The DualFlex+ system has been developed around modern truck engine electronics to provide a best in class product.

The DualFlex+ system achieves more than 60% gas substitution of diesel without losing any of its diesel operation performance, according to the company. In the absence of gas, the DualFlex+ system can operate on 100% diesel, as if the system were not there.

The new system is launched around the EPA approval on Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines up to model year 2006 in 12 and 14 liter configurations. D2G anticipates EPA approval on Caterpillar, Cummins, Mack and International engine families up to 2006.